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The Women’s Movement

Extreme Mission for Justice

The Men’s Movement

Arise Team

With over twenty volunteers, the strong Arise team organizes the unforgettable women's weekends. With creativity and great passion, they lovingly fashion the formative elements that strengthen the character and empower women. The Arise leadership team consists of Gisela Hager (lead), Esther Kull and Cordula Von Grünigen.

Esther Kull (1981) is married to Simon. Together they have three children and live in Zwillikon, Switzerland (ZH). "My outgoing and straightforward nature helps me to have warm, honest and direct relationships with the people around me, and to create room for trust."

Gisela Hager (1982) is married to Marcel. Together with their three children they live in Hedingen, Switzerland (ZH). "The balance of times peacefully spent alone and times of exuberant, inspiring fellowship with others, or just one other person, fulfills my heart. Authenticity, depth and integrity are very important to me. "

Cordula von Grünigen (1978) is married to Jens. They live with their three children and their dog in Hausen am Albis, Switzerland (ZH). "I enjoy arranging my home in a loving and creative way. When people enter my home and feel welcome and accepted, this gives me great joy."

The Goal of the Women’s Movement Arise is, for women to experience God anew and be personally empowered while on a grand adventure in the beauty and wildness of nature, through movement and fellowship with other women.

The Muscathlon is a Sporting Event, that requires extreme effort and takes place in an extraordinary location. As a result, generous donations are collected in order to tackle injustice.

The Goal of the Men's Movement is to strengthen men in their character and relationship with God, and to help men discover their full potential and work for God, family, community and justice.

Origins of The Movement 4M

 In 2008, THE 4th MUSKETEER began as a men's movement in the Netherlands and has since spread worldwide. Founders of the movement include the pastors Henk Stoorvogel and Theo van den Heuvel. Independent teams have sprung up in 12 different countries and over 10,000 men call themselves Musketeers. The 4th Musketeer Switzerland was founded in 2013 by Marcel Hager and built up with his three friends, Ben Stäheli, Simon Kull and Andreas Wolf. Under the umbrella of 4M in 2015, the women's movement Arise was created by Nadja Stäheli, Salome Parel and Gisela Hager. 4M Switzerland consists of the men's movement THE 4th MUSKETEER, the women's movement ARISE and the joint project MUSKATHLON. All offers of 4M are meant as a support and service for the local church and to strengthen our society.


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