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4M Friend

4M Friends stand behind 4M's vision to "inspire hearts and spark a wave of justice." To get closer to this goal, they support the movement financially and ideologically.

4M's work relies on a broad base of supporters. That's why 4M Friends support this vision with a financial contribution of at least CHF 4.44 per month. It is equally important that the Friends declare their willingness to spend a short time in prayer to God every day at 4:44 pm (4:44 pm). We encourage you to support this work by becoming a 4M Friend, and stand behind the sustainable, changing impact on society.

4M Friends will be informed through regular messages in the 4m Friend Whatsapp chat regarding prayer requests, answers to prayer, and regarding the work and its impact.

This is how easy it is to become a 4M-Friend:
1) Send us an email to and tell us your mobile number.
2) Set up a standing order to transfer a monthly amount of at least CHF 4.44 to the account of 4M switzerland / ZKB / 8010 Zurich / IBAN CH85 0070 0110 0051 6889 0.
3) Place a reminder on your phone at 4:44 pm so that you can speak a short daily prayer for 4M. We are happy that our 4M circle of Friends is growing.


L.I.F.E. stands for Labor, Influence, Finances and Expertise. Investing together and empowering men in taking responsibility and in their families.

Once a year we organize a L.I.F.E. meeting where you can benefit from input, community, and networking and get informed about the growing men’s movement.

Membership in the L.I.F.E. Partner Network costs 1,500 Swiss franc per year and is automatically renewed for another year. Of course, you can always cancel - just get in touch with us.


The team at 4M Switzerland has more than 140 volunteers and is constantly growing through motivated and committed men and women who are actively and passionately investing in The 4th Musketeer, Muskathlon or Arise.

Have you already participated in an XCC, Muskathlon or LCW and you feel passionate about this work and want to invest your skills?

Then contact us at


4M Switzerland is a non-profit organization with the mission to positively influence society. Family, community and the environment will be positively impacted as men and women find their true purpose and strengthen their character. Healthy persons bring restoration and life. The movement 4M is growing. Be a part of it too! Your financial contribution empowers many men to find their way to God and their own hearts. The world needs women and men who know who they are and fulfill their divine mission. Thank you for your financial support!

Zürcher Kantonalbank 8010 Zürich
Kontonummer: 1100-5168.890
IBAN: IBAN CH85 0070 0110 0051 6889 0



Organization Chart 4M Team

Organization Chart for Fall 2018 – link here


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